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2018-12-05 - 6:25 a.m.

i can't believe it. I'm sick!
I thought it was allergies at first, but nooooooOOOOooooo.
The rest of the family isn't sick. So Hooray for them.
Now one thing I'm going to be ticked off for the rest of the week now is that even though I have less energy and am at the lowest stage of physical fitness and mental strength, hubby is going to find a way to make it about him!!!! he always does. *rolls eyes*
why is it, that even though he's finished any kind of comsumables, he continues to leave the plastic wrapping, empty jar, open container on the counter, exposed on the kitchen counter when right underneath it is the FUCKING TRASH CAN!!!! lol
He will leave cups upon cups of partially consumed milk, let it sit there till it's turned passed yogurt stage into a white gooey nest for worms to FUCKING GROW!!!!
Why is it so hard to not only through away their own FUCKING TRASH, but also through the FUCKING TRASH out itself!?
i'm just tired of being tired right now... i'm working so much Overtime i feel like plankton, smashed and stepped. lol
I wonder when i'll be able to breath through my nose again. lol
Anywho... i don't know what else to type about... i have no other intellectual thoughts racing through my mind, because right now it's just filled with pressurized mucus! lol
Total cringe on this beast...

lol My body just naturally repels at this woman. lol Call it an intuition rejection of sorts? haha
alright, back to work...


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