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2017-12-08 - 2:28 p.m.

So I was fuming piss yesterday because I was so fucking pissed off with the supervisor that I *used* to work for. As of this morning I am under a new supervisor. Why do you ask? Well because the old fuck tard supervisor that I pissed on came at me yesterday telling me that he’s been watching me and saying that I need to watch myself outside of the area. I told him that I get coffee every morning. And sometimes depending on how tired I am I make another trip for coffee later in the day.

Anyway, it goes like this. I start work at 6. I get going, start some work stuff… and then I find a place to put on hold around 7 and then I go and get coffee. So I make a trip to the bathroom, rinse out mug for coffee, and then walk to the coffee pot to retrieve the beautiful brown burnt sludge of goo called coffee. On my way there I always walk past a co-worker of mine. A friend. So I say hi, ask her how her evening was last night. I ask if there is anything new in her life, the area or anywhere. Usually the answer is no. so I get coffee… and on my way back say a few more pleasantries and then either head straight back to the area or sometimes I make a detour for the candy bowl and enter the area by the back.

Well yesterday I chose to make a break for the candy bowl and then head back to my area and start working. I did this twice yesterday. The first at 7, and the second time around 930. Usually I’m gone from 5-8 min. I try not to be long, I know there are eyes everywhere because this place sucks.

Anyway, I grabbed an extra 2 candies for 2 friends I work with. A cute old Japanese lady who is like a real life living anime series walking around. She is a total sweet heart. A little ditsy, but I like her a lot. And the other who resembles my mother, another older woman, a Vietnamese woman. She’s crazy, which is why she resembles my mother. Lol So I get to them before I am about to get to my chair and sit down when ding bat right in front of everyone announces my name so that everyone on the floor can hear, and asks me to come into his office.

And this is where I nearly blew my top off. And not my t-shirt, lol hubby wouldn’t appreciate that. Haha but the lid to my oh so calm state. This horse shit tells me to be careful outside the area. That he notices me talking to someone when I get coffee. And I told him I need coffee. And I am part of a coffee club in that area. So that is where I get my coffee.

‘So how many times do you get coffee everyday.’

‘Normally I go around 7, and it’s usually only once a day. But there are those days where I need more, like today. Theres nothing wrong with getting coffee.’

‘yes, I understand that. But I’ve been watching you. And even when I’m in tier 2 meetings I see you just talking.’

‘I say hi to friends on my way to get coffee. Usually it’s also to enquire if there is any coffee left for me to grab. I don’t stand and chit chat for long.’

‘well I have been watching you when you get coffee, and I have noticed you come back to the area from the back.’

‘yea, so?’

‘you just need to watch yourself outside the area.’

‘Why? Because I get coffee?’

‘Because you’re in the other areas mostly not getting coffee.’

‘I just told you that I get coffee every morning. That is part of my microbreak. I need to stretch my legs.’

‘microbreaks are for just the hands.’

‘no they’re not.’

Short pause…

‘ok, so tell me mhscute05, what is a microbreak?’

’really mother fucker? You think you can talk down to me like scum? All because I get coffee on a daily basis, and say hi to people that I like and tolerate along the way. I really do need to stretch my legs. You don’t know this fucker, but my legs especially my calves get stiff if I don’t stretch and walk for a minute. Plus it helps to keep me awake because with 2 little half-lings at home I get drained of energy very quickly! But no, you don’t like me. Just say it bitch. Say you don’t like me, because I know about 5 other people in the area that do the same damn thing but they are gone for much longer intervals.’

I didn’t say that, but I wanted to. I held my calm, the native spirits floating like angelic holiday snowflakes were whispering, ‘shhhh’ to me. So I kept that part of my brain shut and just responded with, ‘microbreaks aren’t just for the hands. And it certainly isn’t designated in one area. But it’s a tiny break that allows us employees to stretch our muscles. Hands, neck, back, shoulders, legs, and eyes.’

‘ok, but there is a designated…’

‘no. walking to get my coffee is my microbreak. I stretch my legs and relax my eyes.’

‘watch yourself outside....’

I walked out of his office halfway through that last statement. It’s complete bull. We’re pushed to take these microbreaks to help us throughout the day. The only time I do anything resembling a microbreak, is when I get coffee in the morning. I don’t do it periodically throughout the day. No, it’s once in the morning. And if the baby keeps me up at night, then I’ll make another trip. Or I skip that 2nd trip and just head to starbucks for lunch.

So I was pissed yesterday about that because I also get my shit done. I get work done, and with the best quality too. Did I also mention that my performance is always on point! Lol I am not going to brag, but I am a very good hard worker. My attendance was if-y, but I’ve worked on that. Other than that, I’m the best damn employee you could get. And this is how I get treated! Lol

Anyway, I’m now under another supervisor. When hubby use to work here, he worked under the same supervisor. From what he says, he was the best supervisor he ever had. So I guess that says something. Lol

*inhales deeply*

----LONG PAUSE----


All that energy exerted and now I’m hungry. Hungry for something meaty and cheesy. Maybe just potatoes with bacon cheese… I don’t know… I was think taco meat. Hahaha Maybe I’ll just have hubby’s meat. :P

Btw, he STILL has an unusually attraction/obsession with my feet nubs (aka. Toes). I just recently painted them turquoise – cuz that’s not such a cliché color for Native Americans lol- but because it matches the color of my ring. And it makes me look somewhat decent. Lol

Alrighty, I’m gonna go and get ready for this weekends festivities! Lots of decorating, cooking, baking, cleaning, shopping, and eating. :D I love the holidays!



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