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2018-02-21 - 2:25 p.m.


Mama is fuming right now!

Well not now anyway, but it started Monday and has hence boiled over and is now at a small simmer…

It’s the maturity level here at work that I have to deal with. But it’s also knowing now 100%, that I can’t “trust” anyone like I thought. Well, there was this particular person who I considered a close friend. Well, not so much anymore.

So after fuming over the ridiculous childish behavior, I became more annoyed than angry. So I stopped talking to ex-friend and check this out… the bitch has the nerve to not say a word back to me. As if I was also in the wrong.

*throws hand up, mmmmm girl…*

I know this old hag is stubborn, so I decided not to talk to her till she says something to me first. Unfortunately I’m also knitting her a blanket. Hahaha so at some point one of us will have to say something. I’m not going to stop making her blanket though because 1.) I love knitting, it’s a break from crochet. 2.) The blanket is so nice and soft, I like how it lays across me when I knit :P 3.) I can’t just let a project sit and not complete it. My mind will literally melt! Lol

So everyday now I come to work with that stupidness in the air, and then when I come home… it’s poop in the air I have to deal with. Almost the same thing. Hahaha

*takes in deep breath*


How about that performance from Fergie?

Hubby and I like watching sports. Especially when it’s a bunch of oversized and over paid monkeys playing with a ball.

We switched over the channel thinking we had missed the beginning of the game, but we didn’t. And that’s when we hear Fergalicious bust out an out of tuned, wailing, nails on a chalk board performance of the National Anthem. That shit was so terrifying, I think the founding fathers of this great nation were turning in their graves. Lol I get that doing different renditions of songs is a ‘thing’ some artists do, but don’t do it live in front of the whole nation! LOL

Anyway, random Wednesday writing. I had some time to write, so I did. Lol

Now I’m going back to… work...


Signing off…

Have a good Wednesday…



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